Beware the Hidden Factors Stopping Your Home from Selling

Hidden Factors Stopping House Sale

You’ve cleaned and tidied your home from top to bottom, you light candles and spray air freshener to prepare your home for viewings, there is no sign of your pets and your home has never looked better – so why hasn’t it sold?

In this blog post, we look at the hidden reasons why your home might not be selling…

  • The Area

Unsightly neighbouring properties with structural damage or unkempt gardens might impact the chances of your own home selling – no matter how perfect your property is.

Equally, the issue might not be as obvious as a neighbour’s garden. It could be the overall appeal of the area in general.

  • Is there a lack of parks nearby?
  • Is the road too busy?
  • Are there good transport links?
  • Is your home outside the catchment area for a good school?

These ‘hidden’ factors have become increasingly important to house buyers, and sadly, there is very little you can do if your home is based in an undesirable area.

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  • Planning Permission

You might not be aware that someone nearby has applied for planning permission, but this may be common knowledge to others which could be impacting your chances of selling.

Nearby planning permission can impact your home in the following ways which would put a buyer off making an offer:

  • Make the road area near your home much busier (e.g. building a new supermarket, school or new road system)
  • Cause your property to be overlooked (e.g. by a neighbouring extension)
  • Cause noise / light pollution (e.g. change of use of a nearby business to a nightclub / bar, or plans to erect floodlights or new street lights near your property)
  • Make it clear that any homebuyer would not get permission to extend your property post-purchase (if others have been denied permission for extensions nearby that a prospective buyer would want to make).

To find your local council website and search for planning permission submissions in your area, visit

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  • Signs of Structural Wear 

When you see something every day, it’s easy to overlook subtle changes that buyers might see as warning signs. Broken or missing roof tiles, wear and tear (that may be viewed as a sign of age and structural issues) and signs of damp can quickly cause potential buyers to rule your property out.

Any potential buyer is likely to get your property surveyed before committing to the purchase, so it may be worth getting a survey done yourself so that you can be in-the-know about underlying issues.

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