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A scary looking house - a blog about home sale horror stories

In the spirit of Halloween, we’ve gathered real-life house sale horror stories from across the UK, compiling them into a single blog post.

When all is not as it seems…

Sometimes, when you’ve purchased a house and move in, the reality of life in your new home might be very different from the expectation – particularly if you relied on your own limited knowledge or a seller’s word about an aspect of the house or area, rather than a survey.

This happens to buyers regularly, and when the disenchantment with the property becomes too much, the buyer soon becomes the seller – only this time the property is extremely difficult to sell as potential buyers are warned off by an owner selling their home so soon after moving in.

A seller struggling to sell their home due to unforeseen parking issues and planning permissions:

“[We] did look into [the] idea of [the] front garden being turned into parking, but council said no, it was 1cm out or something.

People in the street have been trying to get residents’ parking for years without success. The people we bought the house off 5 years ago lied and told us residents’ parking was coming into force and naively, I believed them without checking. They also told us that a planning application for houses to be built behind our garden had been rejected when actually, it had been accepted. God I’m so naive.

Will look into part exchange idea again, I actually think I’d move anywhere just to sell this house!”

The chain nightmare…

Selling a house the traditional way can be extremely stressful. You put the house on the market, de-clutter, tidy, patch-up, prepare for viewings, take calls off your estate agent, rival agents and so the list goes on.

Not only does the list go on, but it drags on, for weeks, sometimes months, sometimes years. Sadly, even when the perfect buyer walks through the door and you accept the offer the stress can be far from all over:

“By my calculation, there are at least 8 houses in our chain. [We’ve] been waiting since January, [we] were supposed to complete today (May) originally ☹. [We] only found out on Tuesday that top of chain hasn’t even instructed their solicitor yet!

[I’m] in the middle of reception school place appeals as obviously we didn’t get offered a local school.”

Missing school places is just one potential consequence of being in a long chain or in chains that ultimately break down. Buyers and sellers throughout the chain can incur more solicitors fees, be forced to pay removal cancellations, lose deposits on new-builds or plots or even delay starting a new job. Those tenants at the bottom of the chain may also have nowhere to live if notice has been handed in to the landlord of their accommodation.

Last-minute unwanted surprises…

Until all parties in a chain have exchanged and completed, sadly, there’s still time for unwanted surprises. This could be the chain breaking down, your buyer demanding £1,000s off the price at a key moment or new information about issues with your property or your planned purchase (worrying planning permission requests, flooding, neighbour disputes, structural issues – quite literally, anything can happen!).

Realistically, the longer your sale goes on for, the more at-risk you are to these unexpected and unwanted surprises.

“We accepted an offer 50k below asking price on our flat 3 months ago. Buyers have been awkward all the way, and now want to drop a further 25k the day before we are due to exchange. We can’t afford this, unless the next property in the chain takes the hit too, and we really don’t think he will.

About to speak to agents, but does anyone have any advice? Is this likely to be a negotiating position or might they really pull out if we say no?


Horror stories like these are an all-too-common occurrence when buying or selling a house. If you want to be certain your home will sell then the best way is to sell to a cash buyer with no-chain that will buy any property in any condition – someone just like us.

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