How to Sell Your House Quickly When Moving Abroad

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If you’re moving abroad, then chances are you are trying to sell your house as quickly as you can so that you can start getting organised for the big move.

With it taking 12 weeks on average to sell a home (from day one on the market to offer accepted – not completion), chances are you need to get things moving a little faster than that. So how do you sell your house quickly? At [bloginfo info=”name”], we specialise in buying houses quickly so that our customers can move on with the next chapter of their lives, so we’ve compiled our top tips for those looking to sell their house fast in order to move abroad.

  • Declutter and Un-Personalise  

If your house has your personality stamp all over it, with bright paints, patterned wallpapers and lots of accessories and general clutter – then start by having a huge clear out. It’s important that a potential buyer can visualise themselves in your home, so make it a blank canvas.

  • Make Some Home Improvements

As well as clearing out your personal items and removing extra clutter, it’s also important to consider any quick home improvements you could make to improve the chances of your house selling. This could be minor improvements such as painting and decorating, or more significant changes such as updating kitchen or bathroom tiles, flooring, kitchen worktops, replacing a dated bathroom suite or clearing out an overgrown garden.

It’s also important to consider what issues could be flagged in your survey that would put off a potential buyer and cause any future sale to fall through. Things like damp, roofing, electric or plumbing issues can ring alarm bells to buyers because they tend to be expensive issues to repair once they complete on your property, often causing them to pull out of the purchase.

  • Make a Lasting Impression

First impressions count – and this is never more important than when trying to sell your home. If you have pets, then consider moving them to a friend, neighbour or relatives house during viewings and remove any obvious signs in the house that you have animals as this could put off potential buyers.

You can also make a good first impression by making the house feel very homely. Lighting candles, fires (if you have one), buying fresh flowers and generally ‘dressing’ your home for sale can significantly boost the chances of your home selling quickly.

  • Lower the Price

If you think you’ve done all you can to spruce up your home for sale but time is now of the essence, then the fastest way to sell your home is by significantly lowering the asking price.

  • Sell Your House to House Buyer Bureau

Of course, the big drawback with significantly lowering the asking price and continuing to sell via the traditional route using an estate agent is that your home still may take some time to sell. You will also still have to pay your estate agent fees, and once you have accepted an offer, you are completely dependent on the buyer following through with the whole process.

At House Buyer Bureau, we specialise in buying houses within as little as seven days, or at a time frame to suit our customers. Better still, we buy houses in any condition, so there’s no need for you to redecorate or patch up any issues.

If you need to sell your house quickly in order to move abroad, then get in touch with our team today, or simply enter your postcode on our homepage for a free cash offer for your property.

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