Guide to Selling Your House Online in 2020


The ABCs of Selling Your House Online

We live in a digital age — from online grocery shopping to streaming TV and music from the cloud, people are spending an increasing amount of time on the internet. When it comes to selling your house, considering the online options makes sense and can lead to a quicker, more hassle-free house sale. But what are the different methods and things to look out for? We’ve created a guide to help you decide which online method is best for you and some top tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of these options. 

Why Sell My House Online?

There are three main advantages to selling your property online. Firstly, many of the options enable you to reach a larger audience. Secondly, some of the methods can offer a low-hassle way of selling your house and finally, one of the biggest attractions of selling your home online is some of the low-cost options available. 

But how do you decide which method to use — and how do you go about getting started?

How Do I Sell My House Online?

There a few different factors to consider before you get your house on the online market. Broadly speaking, there are three main options for selling your home online. You may opt for a selling portal, such as sites like Rightmove or Zoopla — which you have probably heard of. You could equally consider an online estate agent or a genuine cash buyer. But how do you know which option is right for you?

Online Selling Portals

Some of these sites have huge audiences, but it is worth noting that opting for an internet-only listing doesn’t always generate the best results. The main reason for this is it is a less proactive approach and it depends more on people spotting the listing and coming to you than other methods that proactively seek out potential buyers. Additionally, without an agent, you cannot list on the larger sites like Rightmove. 

Using an online portal may well increase your chances of a successful sale by getting your property in front of a large number of house hunters, but if you are looking for a low hassle option, this may not be for you. If you decide to list on a selling portal, you will need to get a valuation and photos done, write the description and listing yourself, as well as respond to queries and organise and carry out the viewings. 

Online-Only Estate Agents 

The main benefit of using an online estate agent is the price, as they tend to offer far lower fees than traditional estate agents and you still get some of the same benefits. An online estate agent will likely create and manage your listing for you, as well as organising viewings. However, you will still need to be available to host the viewings yourself and ensure your house is clean and tidy ahead of each visit. 

One of the other potential drawbacks of using an online estate agent is they lack the local knowledge of a high-street agent. If they do not visit your property in person, you risk an incorrect valuation affecting your chances of selling for the right price. 

Genuine Cash Buyers

Cash Buyers may not be an option you have considered, but if you are looking for an easy, simple way to sell your house online, then it is worth looking into. Selecting a cash buyer will mean there is no need to organise your own valuation or photos. Another huge bonus is that you won’t have any viewings to deal with as the property does not get listed. 

A further reason many people choose this method is the speed of the sale. If for whatever reason you need to sell your house quickly or perhaps remotely from another country, then genuine cash buyers offer the fastest and easiest way to do this. 

How Do I Get Started? 

Whatever method or combination of options you choose, the internet is a useful resource when it comes to selecting the right choice for you and it can help make your house sale a quick and simple process. If you’re interested in selling your house online, why not start by getting an initial cash offer today, simply begin by entering your postcode.

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