7 Tips to Sell Your House and Get a Fair Price

tips on how to sell your house

Selling a house can be a stressful and lengthy process, but it doesn’t have to be. It takes an average of 50 days to find a buyer for a property, but this varies significantly across regions and types of building, with some homeowners waiting years to sell. So how can you speed up the process without compromising too much on price?

Check out our top seven tips on how to sell your house for a fair price.

Price It Right

Make sure you have a realistic idea of what a “fair price” for your property is. Don’t just rely on an estate agent to tell you what figure to set the asking price at. There’s a good chance they will tell you what you want to hear to gain your business.

Do a little research into comparable properties that have recently sold. Many property websites will list historical sale prices. Make sure you are comparing properties similar to yours in terms of location, size, condition, neighbourhood and access to amenities such as schools, transport links and shops. Properties that are priced too high and then reduced typically take longer to sell than those valued accurately in the first place. 

It’s also worth looking at properties that have been on the market for a while and failed to sell. If there is a surplus of properties like yours in an area, you’ll need to factor this in when deciding how much to ask. 

Undertake Basic Repairs and Cosmetic Work

It can be difficult to motivate yourself to spend the time and money on repairs and cosmetic work when you know you won’t be staying in a property. But ticking off a few quick wins could make the difference between receiving offers and obtaining a fair sale price and watching your home sit on the market for months. Many buyers will be put off by a long list of required repairs and updates. They are also more likely to battle on price.

There’s no need to undertake major renovation work, but if there are some simple jobs you can complete to increase the property’s curb appeal, they may be well worth doing. Tasks such as tidying up the garden, painting the windows and cleaning the carpets require little time, effort or money. Yet they can help potential buyers appreciate the potential of a property and see themselves living there. Selling a house that needs repairs for a fair price is perfectly possible if the homeowner is willing to put in a little extra effort. 

Consider Selling to a Cash Buying Service

The fastest way to sell a property is through a cash buying service such as the House Buyer Bureau. We are one of the UK’s favourite house buying services and we can offer completions in as little as seven days.

We pride ourselves on offering a transparent and fair service that follows industry best practice. Unlike many similar companies, we do not engage in any attempts to trick or mislead customers

It takes just 60-seconds to complete our online enquiry form. Once we have your information, one of our friendly team of experts will be in touch to make a fair offer for your property. House buying services will sell on the properties they purchase for a profit, so the price offered will be less than the market value. However, when the costs of selling through a more traditional route are compared with using a cash buying service, the difference in how much the seller receives is surprisingly little

Hold an Open House

It’s surprising how few sellers consider this option. Holding an open house is a great way to conduct multiple viewings in one hit, which means less hassle and potentially a speedier sale. It can also attract competition between buyers, which may help boost the final sale price.

There’s no obligation for sellers to be present at an open house — you can elect for it to be run by an estate agency, just as you might for traditional viewings. However, many buyers like to ask the current owners questions directly and seeing the current occupiers in person can help viewers to see the property as a home and one they could live in. As with regular viewings, makes sure the property is well-presented with clean furnishings, clutter tidied away and pets moved elsewhere.

Know Who Your Potential Buyers Are

There is certainly no one-size-fits-all when it comes to property. It’s impossible to make one house appeal to every potential buyer. Zone in on the types of buyers most likely to make you a good offer and pitch all your marketing efforts to them.

If you have a large five-bedroomed house with a generous garden and a top-rated school nearby, target families. Make sure the property ad is placed in relevant publications and worded to appeal to these buyers. Highlight the amenities and property features that will have them picking up the phone and booking a viewing. If you are conducting your own viewings, emphasise these features again as people walk around the property. 

Consider Hiring a Professional Photographer

Whether you’re using an estate agent or going it alone, it may be worth spending a little money on getting professional photographs taken of the property. As more and more people shop for property online, images have become an increasingly important way of making a house stand out to viewers who are quickly swiping through ads on their phone. 

A professional property photographer will understand how to capture your home in its best light without misleading potential buyers about what to expect. You can’t sell a property if nobody even comes to view it — so having images that entice potential buyers is essential.

Shout about the Mod Cons

Many people are looking for a property they can move straight into with very little work required to shape it into the home they want. Increasingly, this means access to high-tech mod cons. 

If your area has access to high-speed broadband via fibre optic cables, make sure potential buyers know about it. Have you invested in “smart” technology such as a Hive system that allows the heating system to be operated remotely from a mobile phone app? Shout about it! Mod cons could be the deciding factor that makes a buyer place an offer on your home instead of another property. These seemingly minor details can also help to bump up the sale price — buyers may be more inclined to add on a few thousand to the house price than go to the hassle and expense of installing such systems themselves. 

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