What to Do if I Get a Cash Offer for My House?

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When you consider how time-consuming and stressful selling a house can be, it’s no wonder that many homeowners are eager to find a quicker and more straightforward solution.

If you receive a cash offer for your home, it instantly speeds up the process and removes several hurdles that can cost time and money. So it’s easy to understand why people seek out cash buyers via auctions, private sales, and quick house sale companies.

If you’ve already struck gold and received a cash offer — “Yippee! I’ve got a cash buyer for my house!” — you might be wondering, “now what?”. Read on to learn how to manage a sale to a cash buyer.

What Is a Cash House Buyer?

A cash house buyer is an individual or company that has the funds available to buy a property outright, without the need for loans or a mortgage. 

In many cases, a cash buyer will be a house-buying company or a company representing a property developer who wants to purchase the property for renovation. A genuine cash buyer will have immediate access to the funds required to buy your home. Be wary of companies that are not genuine cash buyers. These may engage in dodgy sales tactics such as making a high initial offer and gradually chipping away at this figure so that you walk away with significantly less than you were originally quoted.

Whether you have received a cash offer for your home from an individual or a company, it’s essential to first request proof that they have the necessary finances to cover the cost.

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Benefits of Selling to a Cash House Buyer

Selling to a cash buyer speeds up the sales process significantly because there is less admin involved. You avoid the delays and complications that often come with a conventional on-market sale via an estate agent.

1. Speed

Selling to a cash buyer is the quickest way to sell your house. One of the most common reasons for a house sale to be delayed or fail completely is that one or both parties experience property chain problems. A property chain is where multiple sales are dependent on each other. If you are selling to a cash house buyer, they are not part of a chain, so there is less risk of problems arising that could stall your sale. Of course, if you are selling to buy, you may be part of an onward chain, but the overall risk of delays is reduced.

Another common cause of delays to the house sale process is that the buyer struggles to secure the mortgage to complete their purchase. A cash buyer has the funds ready to buy your home outright, so this problem will not arise.


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2. Less Stress

Selling a home via the traditional route with an estate agent is often extremely stressful. A recent poll by the online property portal, Yopa, found that many people think moving home is more stressful than getting divorced, having a baby, starting a new job or getting married! Constant viewings can be inconvenient, disruptive and upsetting, for example, if you are selling due to divorce or a death in the family. And the uncertainty of whether the sale will reach completion and how long it will take adds further stress.

Selling to a private cash buyer will not remove all of these concerns, but it is typically less stressful due to the lower risk of delays and failed sales. The buyer could still change their mind up to the point of exchange, but there is no risk of property chain problems or failed mortgage applications. If you sell to a cash house buying company, the sale is guaranteed, and all uncertainty is removed. Furthermore, there is no need for viewings or visits from estate agents.

3. Lower Sale Costs

By opting to sell to a cash house buying company, you can dramatically cut the cost of selling a house. With a traditional on-market sale, estate agent fees alone average 1.42% of the purchase price for a sole agency agreement and 3% if you want to list your property with multiple agencies. For a house selling at the current UK average of £268,349, that means you’ll pay a commission of between £3,810 and a whopping £8,050. Then there are conveyancing fees to pay, and you’ll have to keep up with mortgage repayments and cover the cost of maintenance and repairs until you find a buyer. The total cost of selling a house on-market can rapidly escalate, leaving you with fewer pounds in the bank than you hoped for when the sale completes.

If you accept an offer from House Buyer Bureau, there are no fees for the service, no estate agents commission to pay and no legal fees (if you use one of our recommended solicitors). Check out our handy price comparison chart to see how selling at market value with an estate agent compares to selling at a slight discount to us — you may be surprised by how little difference there is in the amount you will walk away with!

4. You’re in Control

There are no guarantees that an on-market sale will reach completion, and there are often delays that fall entirely outside your control, such as a mortgage lender refusing your buyer’s application. If you sell to a genuine cash house buyer like House Buyer Bureau, you will be in the driving seat. The sale is guaranteed, and we have the funds to buy your property on a time scale that suits you, be that seven or 70 days.

Are Cash House Buyers Genuine?

Unfortunately, the exciting prospect of a cash offer for a house can be so appealing that sellers find themselves selling to cash house buying companies that are either poorly set up or lack the funds to make good on their promises. If you receive a cash offer for your house, you must ask for proof that the company has immediate access to the funds. If they don’t, you will find yourself waiting around until they can raise the money. You could have completed your sale and already be unpacking in your new property during that time.

With something like a “quick sale” or “guaranteed purchase” there’s always going to be a certain amount of suspicion, which is why it’s essential to do your research when you receive a cash offer. If you are desperate to sell as quickly as possible, for one reason or another, you are more likely to rush into a decision and end up selling to unethical or unreliable property cash buyers.

At House Buyer Bureau, we keep you in the loop at every step of the sale process, and it’s worth noting that all our cash offers are free and carry no obligation to proceed with the sale. If you are unhappy with the price we quote you or the timeframe we can complete the sale, you are welcome to walk away at any time. We also offer a Price Promise — our formal offer won’t change (unless an unexpected problem appears in the survey or there are legal issues with the sale), and if it does, we’ll give you £1,000 to keep, whether you continue with the sale or not. 

House Buyer Bureau is committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience, and we are founding members of the National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB). We are also members of The Property Ombudsman (TPO)

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How Does a Cash Offer for Your Home Work?

1. Tell Us About Your House

Step one of the cash buying process is for you to spend two minutes filling in our short online form with some basic information about the property you want to sell. One of our house buying experts will call you within 24 hours to find out more about your home and answer any questions you may have. Our experts will listen to what you say and use their vast experience in the property sector to offer advice and guidance on the best way to achieve your goals. We can offer a quick cash sale (approx. two weeks) or a managed sale to an investor (approx. eight weeks). A managed sale is where we use our expertise and contacts in the industry to try to sell your property for a better price. If you’re interested in a quick cash sale, we’ll make an initial no-obligation offer over the phone.

2. Valuing Your Property

If you like our offer and would like to proceed, we will arrange to get your property valued at no cost to you. By doing this as quickly as possible, we will be able to gain a clear understanding of how much the property is worth and provide you with a formal offer — which, of course, is not obligatory. We want to pay you as much as we can so that you’ll be happy to sell to us. The House Buyer Bureau Price Promise backs all our quick cash offers. We do not use hard-sell tactics, and you can change your mind at any point up to the exchange of contracts.

3. Instruct Lawyers and Schedule a Survey

If you are happy with the formal offer and decide to accept, we will instruct lawyers and schedule a survey of your property. This inspection will ensure that everything is ok with your property and there are no underlying issues you are unaware of. We work with a panel of specialist lawyers who have lots of experience in the quick house sale process. This means they can work as quickly as possible without sacrificing the quality of their work. Property sales are a very important process and should be treated as such, which is why we only work with the best lawyers! Also, using our lawyers comes at no cost to yourself.

4. Exchange Contracts and Complete Sale

Selling a home can be a stressful experience, so our team will do its utmost to ensure that a quick house sale is as hassle-free as possible. After you’ve completed the initial paperwork, we’ll take care of everything. If you want to sell as quickly as possible, no worries — we can help you to sell your property within as little as seven days — however, if you need to move things along at a slower pace while you sort out your affairs, we’ll work to your preferred timescale. During a property sale, it can feel like you have no control over any aspect of the situation, which isn’t the case when you sell to us. You’re in charge at every step of the way.


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Why Choose House Buyer Bureau?

That’s a good question and always the one you should ask when it comes to something as life-changing as a property sale. Cash buyers can be an enormous benefit for sellers who need to move as quickly as possible with minimal hassle. But you won’t achieve this if you put your faith in the wrong people.

House Buyer Bureau is the UK’s favourite house buying business. We buy all types of property regardless of their condition or location, which means you have finally found a solution if you have previously struggled to sell your house.

There are no valuation, estate agency or legal fees to pay, no viewings, unnecessary delays or frustrating property chains — just the convenience of a hassle-free cash offer for your home.

Whether you have found your dream home, you’re facing repossession or have to sell due to a divorce or inheritance — House Buyer Bureau is the professional, quick and stress-free way to sell your home. But, don’t take our word for it; read what our customers are saying about us.

Are you looking to sell your home for cash? Get in touch today to discuss your property with our team and find out how we can help you.

Get Your Free Cash Offer Today

Getting your no-obligation cash offer is easy. Just find your address and answer a few quick questions about your property. Sell your house in weeks instead of months and with zero hassle — you could even sell in as little as 7 days.

Get Your Free Cash Offer Today

Getting your no-obligation cash offer is easy. Just find your address and answer a few quick questions about your property. Sell your house in weeks instead of months and with zero hassle — you could even sell in as little as 7 days.

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