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House Buyer Bureau is the UK’s favourite house buying service.

Buying all types of property in any condition and location, House Buyer Bureau is a genuine cash buyer able to complete the purchase of your house in as little as 7 days.

Read the latest news stories and industry commentary below from the House Buyer Bureau team.

Latest news from House Buyer Bureau

man standing on a hill with a pound sign next to him


Moving house is often a complicated, stressful and lengthy process, so it’s unsurprising that people seek straightforward solutions. Therefore, the benefits of cash home buyers make it an appealing alternative to trying your luck on the housing market. When it comes to selling your home, many people will be quick to assume that the conventional […]

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Hand over keys to new house after house sale


Knowing how to sell a house quickly in a buyer’s market is essential for several reasons and will ensure that your financial loss is kept to a minimum.  The housing market is forever changing. From time-to-time, it shifts from high (seller’s market) to low (buyer’s market). When the time comes to sell a property, if […]

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cutout of man, woman and house


When people get divorced, there are several steps to take before you go your separate ways — one of which is the division of marital assets. In this post, we’ll provide some advice for selling a house after a divorce.   Deciding who gets the family home is often the aspect of a divorce that […]

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Piggyback with house in background


Selling a house can be an expensive business. From estate agent fees to early repayment penalties from your mortgage lender, the costs soon add up. What’s more, almost half of all house sales in the UK fall through before completion costing sellers an average of £2,727 in unrecoverable legal and marketing costs. Unfortunately, selling on […]

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For sale sign on whitewashed house


Has your house been on the market for months with not so much as the hint of an offer? Or have you only received offers far below the property’s market value? Waiting for the right buyer to come along can be a long and stressful process. According to research by The Advisory, it took an […]

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House selling process flow diagram


    Whether you’re new to the house selling process or have sold a property before, there’s a lot to remember and check off the to-do list. The average time for a house sale in the UK currently stands at 18 weeks. Why so long? Because with a traditional sale on the open market, there […]

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Moving Out Checklist


Moving house can be one of the most stressful events in a person’s lifetime. In a recent study of 2,000 adults by E.ON, 62% of people voted moving home their most stressful life event. Research shows the average person in Britain moves five times in their life with each move causing over three months of […]

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Calendar with sell house written


  Selling a house on the open market can be a frustrating and lengthy process. According to The Advisory’s “Time to Sell” benchmark study, the average time to sell a house in the UK, from the first day of marketing to completion, was 18 weeks in 2019. Some homeowners can be left waiting for much […]

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Picture of a property with a sold sign outside


  Selling a house can be a stressful and lengthy process, but it doesn’t have to be. It takes an average of 50 days to find a buyer for a property, but this varies significantly across regions and types of building, with some homeowners waiting years to sell. So how can you speed up the […]

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House Sellers Guide 2020


  How can you sell your house quickly and with as little hassle as possible? Moving house is one of the most stressful life events, but it doesn’t have to be. Our team of property experts at House Buyer Bureau has created “The Ultimate House Sellers’ Checklist” to help you get the sale you want […]

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A notepad with equity release written on


The equity release market is expected to exceed £5 billion in 2020 as more homeowners become aware of this option to raise funds. There are many reasons homeowners may consider this option — for instance, to raise funds for home improvements or to clear debts. However, many people are still uncertain about how equity release […]

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Model home for sale


Selling your house need not be a stressful or time-consuming experience. If you need to move quickly — be that to release some capital or to relocate — there are ways to get moving fast.  How Long Does a House Take to Sell in the UK? There is no simple answer to this question as […]

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Banner reading Selling Fast


There may be many reasons why a property owner needs to make a quick sale. Whether you’re relocating for work or in need of a cash injection to support a new business venture, there are ways to speed up the process of finding a buyer and avoiding the UK’s lengthy property sale process.  According to […]

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House Cash Buyer Giving Free House Valuation


If you’re looking to sell your home or keen to get a valuation on a property development project, where is the best place to go? There’s no need to pay out for expensive estate agent fees to get a good sense of how much a property is worth.  Check Property Sites Property sites like Rightmove […]

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Pendulum showing house on one side and money on the other


I Need to Sell My House Quick — What Are My Options? Do you know anybody who has enjoyed selling their home? Decisions about buying and selling a home can be some of the most stressful and important choices we make, especially when there is an added time pressure or unexpected life circumstances to juggle.  […]

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Family celebrating house sale


Expert Tips for a Simple, Quick House Sale Are you looking for a simple and quick house sale? Selling your home can be a stressful and complicated process — with so many moving parts, it can be hard to know where to start. There are many different reasons you may be under pressure to sell […]

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Pendulum showing balance between money and a house


The ABCs of Selling Your House Online We live in a digital age — from online grocery shopping to streaming TV and music from the cloud, people are spending an increasing amount of time on the internet. When it comes to selling your house, considering the online options makes sense and can lead to a […]

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Should I Sell My House? 6 Signs It’s Time to Move On in 2020   Deciding it’s time to sell your house is never an easy decision. With Brexit-related uncertainty affecting the property market, it’s a decision that has been made even more complex. So how do you decide when it is the right time […]

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A Guide to Selling Your Home in 2020 For most people, the process of selling your house is a complicated, sometimes emotional process that can quickly become extremely stressful. If you’ve never sold a property before or you’re under financial or time pressure, this only makes matters worse. Often people are preoccupied with the decisions […]

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Can you sell your house if you are in arrears? If you’re a homeowner looking to sell a property as a means to pay off any outstanding debts and arrears, there are multiple solutions to consider. If there’s no other way of quickly increasing your income to cover costs that can soon become unmanageable, then […]

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What adds the most value to a home? Many people believe the only way to add value to a property is by making extensive renovations or even remodelling entirely, which in itself can cost tens of thousands. While adding an extra bedroom or extending by a few metres can certainly see your home’s value increase […]

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Here at House Buyer Bureau, we’ve created a guide highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of equity release for our readers to help guide you to making the right decision for you.

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The Essential 2020 House Viewing Checklist Whether you’re a first-time buyer looking for your dream home, a prospective tenant looking for a rental property, or simply interested in climb further up the housing ladder — viewing properties can be an exciting milestone in your life. However, while house hunting may seem like a painless, simple […]

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property house owner


Finding out who owns a property doesn’t have to be a complicated process, as the majority of the time this information can be sought out from the comfort of your own home. The owner of a property can be fairly easy to find, you just need to know where to start. To help you find the answers you’re looking for, we’ve put together some information in this blog post that will point you in the right direction.

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sell house fast


Here at House Buyer Bureau we know that selling your home fast is any house seller’s dream. In this blog we go through the quick and easy process of selling your home for cash, no matter what condition it’s in. There are no hidden fees, you are never tied in and there is no pressure.

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Selling your home can be a daunting task, especially when you’re doing it for the first time, or for the first time in a long time. There is very little room for error and mistakes big or small can easily be made without you being immediately aware of them. In this post, we cover the most common mistakes made when selling a property and how you can avoid making them yourself.

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At , we understand that it isn’t easy to find the perfect location to move to – particularly with houses becoming less and less affordable for most of us. In the last twelve months, the average house price in the UK has risen to 7.8 times the median salary. In fact, in the year 2016 […]

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If you’re moving abroad, then chances are you are trying to sell your house as quickly as you can so that you can start getting organised for the big move.

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house prices after brexit


Just after the Brexit vote, there was a LOT of speculation surrounding how leaving the EU would impact the housing market. So far, there has been little impact since the vote — house prices have continued to rise (albeit at a more moderate rate) and houses across the country have continued to be bought and […]

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Following the loss of our dear friend and colleague Michael Spencer to Cancer we’ve decided to change our chosen charity to LOROS. LOROS Hospice is a local charity delivering free care and support to over 2,500 people across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland each year. Their free high-quality, compassionate services are tailored to be special and […]

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With the rapid increase of bank transfer fraud taking place across the UK, the process of buying and selling a home is becoming ever more risky. Falling victim to fraud when buying or selling a home can put you in great financial danger, as well as causing the risk that you will no longer be able to move to a new home.

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At House Buyer Bureau, we’re committed to buying your property for the best possible price with the least amount of stress and interference with your day-to-day life caused throughout the process. Let us tell you why we’ve become the nation’s favourite house buying service.

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Homeowners need to be aware that a new court ruling means they could be sued by their neighbours if Japanese Knotweed is found to have spread from their property.

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chain free buyer


Many of our customers come to us to buy their homes quickly so that they can be in a chain-free position when negotiating for their dream property. So just how much is being a chain-free buyer actually worth?

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We’re delighted to announce that we have raised over £15,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support through our Charity Programme!

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We’re delighted to have been awarded the Gold Trusted Service award from independent trusted reviews provider, Feefo!

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At House Buyer Bureau, we’re completely transparent about the price we will pay for your property and our agreed purchase price never changes.

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Gazumping is when the seller of a property accepts an offer from one buyer and then just before the sale is fully complete, goes on to accept a higher offer from another.

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Earlier this year the Telegraph ran a piece entitled ‘the dodgy estate agent tactics that leave buyers and sellers out of pocket’ – referring to a new upselling strategy being implemented by estate agents across the country.

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In the spirit of Halloween, we’ve gathered real-life house sale horror stories from across the UK, compiling them into a single blog post. When all is not as it seems… Sometimes, when you’ve purchased a house and move in, the reality of life in your new home might be very different from the expectation – […]

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selling leasehold property


The Government has recently announced plans to reform the rules and ban new build houses from being sold as leaseholds, but millions across the UK already own leasehold homes, so what will the impact of this be on those that already own a leasehold house? Will the value of their homes be affected? In this blog, we explain all.

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You’ve cleaned and tidied your home from top to bottom, you light candles and spray air freshener to prepare your home for viewings, there is no sign of your pets and your home has never looked better – so why hasn’t it sold? In this blog post, we look at the hidden reasons why your home might not be selling…

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thinking about selling your home


There are many reasons people sell their homes, from avoiding costly repairs to relocating for a new job. A full list of selling reasons could be endless, but we’ve broken down the five most common reasons homeowners make the decision to sell.

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How affordable is the housing market in 2017?

House prices in the UK have fallen for three consecutive months for the first time since 2009, so now could be the best time to sell your house – and fast, before the value of your home decreases further.

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When is the best time to put your house on the market?

If you’re thinking of selling your house, then this question has probably crossed your mind. There are certainly trends that show that the housing market is seasonal and can also be impacted by political and economic events, so when is the perfect time to sell your house?

With a general election on the horizon, we look at the best and worst times of the year to sell your home as well as whether or not you should list your house for sale before an election.

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Selling your home can cost thousands. On top of all the fees, the longer your house is on the market for, the more bills and mortgage repayments you have to pay.

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We’ve had over 500 customers review their experience selling their property to us and we have consistently achieved a 95% or above customer satisfaction rating.

So, what is it about the service we offer that has made us the UK’s favourite house buying service? Collecting information from our customer reviews, we’ve listed the five most common reasons those customers gave us five stars.

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Homeowners looking to sell their properties quickly are urged to take advantage of a nationwide service from House Buyer Bureau, which guarantees a cash offer for every home and the prospect of completing a sale within just seven days or around a timescale to suit.

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House Buyer Bureau property buyer Dorothy Barker got a pleasant surprise at work this week when a delivery man arrived with a wonderful bouquet of flowers for her.

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House Buyer Bureau, the UK’s favourite house buying service, has this week launched a new scheme which will see its customers receive £500 for recommending a friend to sell their property with them.

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House Buyer Bureau, the UK’s favourite house buying service, has this week launched a new charity programme to support Macmillan Cancer Support.

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House Buyer Bureau, the UK’s favourite house buying service, has launched a new website this week making it even simpler for people to sell their property quickly.

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Mrs Salt explains why she sold her house to the House Buyer Bureau and the process she went through. Our buyer Dorothy also explains the steps taken in the purchase of Mrs Salt’s house.

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House Buyer Bureau, a leader provider in the quick house sale market, has launched a Code of Ethics in a bid to encourage a clean-up of the industry. This news article enlightens you into how the company keeps its head held high as one of the UK’s handful of TRUE cash buyers.

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This article includes why the House Buyer Bureau, a leading provider in the quick house sale market, believes that the OFT has missed the opportunity to properly crackdown on unscrupulous operators in the quick house sale sector and how Simon is enthusiastic for better regulation in this sector.

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House Buyer Bureau managing director Simon Blunt is interviewed by BBC Radio 5 Live concerning OFT reports and the companies being investigated.

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House Buyer Bureau managing director Simon Blunt is interviewed by BBC Radio 5 Live concerning an OFT investigation into rogue traders in the property industry.

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House Buyer Bureau managing director Simon Blunt is interviewed by BBC Radio 4 concerning rogue traders in the property industry.

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House Buyer Bureau buyer Dorothy explains the process of selling your property to the House Buyer Bureau.

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In April 2013 The Office Of Fair Trading (OFT) launched a study into the quick house sale market. House Buyer Bureau welcomes this review as we believe there are unethical firms in the market place taking advantage of consumers especially vulnerable sellers.

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A seaside house where the next door property hit the national headlines after it collapsed into the sea – who would buy a house like this? Click to open up the full exciting news story!

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