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Stuart and Linda, Leeds

The sale was handled in a very satisfactory way by HBB, and a very unpleasant situation avoided in which our nephew was due to be evicted from his home due to mortgage arrears after he had lost his job and been unable to find work. Due to severe depression he could not handle the problem, so when we found out what had happened we contacted the solicitor of his mortgage provider and they agreed to hold off the re-possession if the house could be sold in a reasonable time to pay off arrears and costs.
At that, we contacted HBB, and Dorothy Barker took control of the situation.
We are full of praise for Dorothy in the way that she dealt with the task. Her patience, understanding and professionalism was unmatchable. Due to her, our nephews house has been sold, all debts paid off, he now has money in the bank and is living in rented accommodation and is looking for work again. Also, following his old house being re-sold for a good price he will receive a substantial extra sum of money.
Thank you, Dorothy. We would recommend HBB to anyone needing to sell a property quickly.