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Linda, Liversedge. 05 January 2016

I live alone and because of recent health problems I was finding it hard to look after a three bedroomed house as well as working full time, I applied for a one bedroomed flat for the over 55’s and was offered one straight away so I wanted to sell my house quickly and with as little worry as possible, the last time I sold a house the buyers pulled out the day we were supposed to be exchanging contracts. The HBB offered me a good price for my house, they arranged everything including the solicitor, I was allowed to set the date for completion so I had time to decorate and move into my new flat in a timescale to suit me. Rebecca Tait handled the sale of my house efficiently and I found her friendly and helpful as were all the people I spoke to at the HBB. Six weeks after they bought my house Rebecca called me to say they had sold my house for a higher price than it was valued and that I would get a percentage of the difference on top of what they had already given me. I am very happy with how they handled the sale of my house.