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Frances, Birmingham, 01 July 2018

Take a short cut and eliminate those companies who prey on the vulnerable

My property had become ‘unsellable’ due to a solicitor losing a deed of variation and I looked at cash buyers as bank and building societies would not lend against an indemnity policy. I signed a contract with an online home buying company who basically told me everything I wanted to hear. It soon became apparent that something was very wrong. Paul and Mike from HBB went above and beyond the call of duty to help me. They recommended a solictor who was clearly genuine and we talked things through. Paul replied to my questions straight away, always staying calm and positive, recognising the stress I was under. Mike stepped in when Paul was away. He easily handled what was a very difficult situation for me with a professional and calm approach. 

Google ‘house buying companies’ – there are a lot of them out there – its a minefield. But if you want to be treated fairly by genuine people who know what they are doing, who understand the legals, who care about their clients then talk to HBB. Take a short cut and eliminate those companies who prey on the vulnerable. HBB won’t sign you into contracts until you exchange, the staff are real and the office is real. Make it easy for yourself.

To end, all I can say is a very big thank you.