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How much is being chain-free worth?

Many of our customers come to us to buy their homes quickly so that they can be in a chain-free position when negotiating for their dream property. So just how much is being a chain-free buyer actually worth?

According to a recent poll by Clearscore, 74% of all sellers would definitely accept or consider accepting an offer 5% below asking price if the buyer was in a strong, chain-free position to proceed. This proportion increases to 88% amongst sellers of properties worth over £500,000.

So what does this mean in monetary terms? Well, this of course depends on where you live in the country and the value of the property you are offering on. We’ve done the calculations for you so that you can get an idea of just how much being chain-free could save you on your next property:

RegionAverage Price (May 2018)Calculated Potential Chain-Free Saving (5%)
East Midlands£190,261£9,513
East of England£288,808£14,440
North East£128,680£6,434
North West£157,531£7,877
South East£322,096£16,105
South West£251,877£12,594
West Midlands£192,322£9,616
Yorkshire and the Humber£158,966£7,948

Given that it was recently reported that the number of property sales falling through in the UK has reached a 10-year high, those that are in a chain-free position have more negotiating power than ever.

It is for exactly this reason that many of our customers choose to sell their house fast with us – as not only can they can be 100% sure that their home will sell for cash, but they can also be in a chain-free position to buy their dream home (often at a saving thanks to their excellent negotiating position!).

If you think we can help you sell your home quickly, then get in touch with our friendly team today who can talk you through the process.