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Jane, Nantwich, 31 May 2018

Good and professional

HBB were good and professional, Kim was very easy to deal with ,helpful and made the process less scary . My own sale did not go through as quickly as first estimates due to some of the legal hoops we had to jump through ,and I think my own particular case being a joint poa sale was a learning curve for all of us . I do think some of the repeated security checks are unnecessary , as if the property is registered to you and satisfactory photo I’d of the same name is given and the money is going to accounts in the names of the registered owners , and in addItion you have been met at the property 3/4 times by different agents , representatives of HBB throughout the process. I felt the last hoops we had to jump through with phone calls etc before completion were unnecessary and annoying , especially when the circumstances of my sale and the limitations we faced had been explained at the start. Overall though a genuine company and everyone is polite and professional, although I wished I had used my own lawyer as I felt the ones provided were slow , didn’t updates me ,and not really acting on my side more on the side of the buyers and were part of the reason for so much hoop jumping as we neared completion. Whereas my own. Lawyer. Would have acted more for me and because they already know me and Have acted for me before would have trusted my integrity more , so if I were ever to deal with HBB again I would use my own lawyer, as I think it would help the process to be smoother.