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Selling Your Home with House Buyer Bureau vs. A Traditional Estate Agent – A Direct Comparison

At House Buyer Bureau, we’re completely transparent about the price we will pay for your property and our agreed purchase price never changes.

We’re genuine cash buyers with an independent review score of 5/5 that can buy your house within seven days or, alternatively, we can complete on a timescale of your choice.

If you’re unsure what to expect, we have outlined the following example of a house valued at £120,000 to prepare you for the associated costs involved with selling your home through an estate agent compared to selling with a cash buying company.  

When you consider the added hassle of viewings and the pressure on your time, you can see that the difference between the cash buying route versus selling with a traditional estate agent isn’t so far apart.

We’ve also detailed a few scenarios that selling fast or on your own timescale can either save you money by improving your buying position, or can be more than worth the difference to take away the stress.


£120,000 Example

Cash Sale

Traditional Estate Agency

Asking Price Example



Average Agreed Purchase Price



Final Agreed Price After Survey



Estate Agent Fees



Estimated Cosmetic Repairs to prepare your house for sale



Solicitor Fees



Estimated Bills (During the sale process)



Estimated Mortgage payments (During the sale process)



Time taken off to see Estate Agents and Lawyers



Net Price Achieved



                    *£450 per month based on 6 months to sell.  
** Based on £75 a day and 4 days off work.


When selling with House Buyer Bureau might suit you:

Your time is valuable – and that time can also have value to the owners of the house you want to buy. Here are some scenarios in which selling on your terms might be worth more than the small difference:


  • When you’ve already found your dream home and you want to be in the best buying position possible in order to secure it.  

    Being chain free can save you thousands as you have more chance of being successful with a lower offer.

  • When you’ve inherited a home the responsibility of its bills will fall to you and any other recipients.

Property bills can add up and so selling quickly can relieve the stress of a long, uncertain sale and release equity quickly.

  • When you value your time and want to alleviate stress from the process of moving house.

Selling your home can be very stressful and takes an average of six months. The demands of arranging your life around viewings, preparing your home and keeping it in immaculate condition while house hunting, working and looking after the family can get too much.

If you think we could help you to sell your home, visit our homepage and enter your postcode for an instant cash offer.

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Selling your home can be a daunting task, especially when you’re doing it for the first time, or for the first time in a long time. There is very little room for error and mistakes big or small can easily be made without you being immediately aware of them. In this post, we cover the most common mistakes made when selling a property and how you can avoid making them yourself.


At House Buyer Bureau, we understand that it isn’t easy to find the perfect location to move to - particularly with houses becoming less and less affordable for most of us. So if you’re planning on downsizing, getting some cash out of your property by moving somewhere more affordable or even simply moving to a more affordable area nearby, we’ve taken care of some research to help you make a decision.


If you’re moving abroad, then chances are you are trying to sell your house as quickly as you can so that you can start getting organised for the big move.


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