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Sam, Pinner, 6th March 2019

Reliable, dependable, proficient and professional

Great service, would definitely recommend HBB to others looking to sell the property quickly. They were reliable, dependable, proficient and professional. The property would have sold a lot sooner if it wasn’t for delays caused by the local authority in providing the requested sales pack, otherwise a very quick, efficient service and a transparent sales process provided by HBB. Kim from HBB was exceptionally professional, patient, and supportive through out the whole sales process. Providing regular updates, chasing up third parties, answering queries and was able to reassure my concerns by addressing them promptly. The solicitor I requested to be appointed to me was also very professional, independent and quick at processing the paperwork to ensure a rapid transaction considering my financial circumstances. The solicitor was also experienced enough to offer guidance and answer numerous questions I had. As a general note, I would recommend to anyone looking to sell their property quickly to also conduct their own independent valuations and surveys to ensure best offer is received which is consistent with current market value and to prevent possibility of potential under valuation. Finally, I’d like say that I am relieved the property has been sold, which means I can move forward and pursue my dream job at a new location. Out of the many “quick cash buyer” companies out their, I trust and would recommend HBB to others looking to sell the property quickly, based on my own personal experience and research (due diligence) conducted before approaching them. A big thank you to Kim and her colleagues at HBB for a great service.