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How to Find a Chain-Free Buyer For Your Property

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When it comes to selling your home, a chain-free buyer is advantageous for several reasons. So it’s worth finding one if you can!

The property ladder can be a complex and often stressful place to find yourself. If you’re selling a property, it will always benefit you to do so while avoiding the unnecessary complications caused by property chains. It’s for this reason that chain-free buyers are preferable to those selling a house as they provide you with a transaction that is quicker, simpler and requires a lot less effort.

In this post, we’ll discuss chain-free buyers and how to find one for your property.

What Is a Property Chain?

A property chain causes significant frustration when people buy or sell properties. A chain is where people who are selling their home rely on their buyer to sell their property before they can complete the sale, therefore establishing a link. If a property chain consists of several buyers and sellers, it can prove to be a very complicated and stressful scenario for everyone. All it takes is for one link to pull out and the entire chain breaks. Of course, this isn’t always the case, but avoiding such situations with a chain-free buyer is an ideal way to avoid disappointment.

What Is a Chain-Free Buyer?

In short, a chain-free buyer is someone who can purchase your property without having to sell their property to raise funds. A chain-free buyer tends to be preferable to a seller as they ensure the transaction is much quicker, as you won’t have to wait for your buyer’s property to be sold. Also, you avoid the disappointment and financial impact of the property chain breaking. Many aspects of a person’s personal and professional life can impact the sale of a property.  So, if you’re relying on someone to complete the sale of their home, there’s always a risk something unexpected could occur. 

Can an Estate Agent Find Me a Chain-Free Buyer?

When you sell your home, you can discuss your requirements and situation with an estate agent. This will allow you to tell them you would prefer a chain-free buyer — which they will then relay in your property listing. While this will help to at least inform buyers that chain-free is preferred, in the process, you could also decrease the interest in your property as your target buyer is more specific. 

You may have a stroke of good fortune and stumble upon a chain-free buyer early on, but there’s always the possibility this could take quite some time. In the meantime, you will pay more in estate agency fees and have to wait longer to sell your property. In regards to the latter, this can prove to be an issue if you have your eye on a property and need to sell quickly to ensure you don’t miss out.

Consider a Cash Home Buyer to Speed Things up

When you sell a property with the hopes of finding a chain-free buyer, you are relying on the behaviour and real estate decisions of other people. So although you may well find yourself a no-chain buyer eventually, it could take some time. It’s for this reason that people who want a quicker turnaround or simply want to avoid the hassle and cost involved with the housing market opt for a cash home buyer. This is where we purchase your property — following a valuation and survey — and can exchange contracts within as little as a week. In doing so, you will avoid estate agent fees, viewings and many other costly and time-consuming aspects of selling a property. Also, we can provide 10% of your property’s value on the exchange if you need or want it.

Are you looking to sell your property as soon as possible with minimal hassle? Get in touch today to discuss your requirements with our team of experienced property experts.