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Sell Your House Fast in Bradford

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If you want to sell your house quickly for cash for the best possible cash price with the minimum amount of stress then you have come to the right place.

House Buyer Bureau buys all type of property in any condition or location in England and Wales. We can buy your house in as little as 7 days or around your timescale.

Sell Your House Fast in Bradford

Try our 60 second online cash offer form at the top of this page to see what we could pay you.

We buy any home for cash. No viewings, no fees, no hassle. Selling your home in Bradford is quick and easy with us.

Sell within 7 days
No fees
5* rating
100% transparent
No costly repairs or renovations
Sell within 7 days

How it Works

When we say we’ll buy your house fast and pay cash for your property - we mean it. We can complete the sale within 7 days or at a timescale to suit you.


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Why Sell your Home in Bradford with House Buyer Bureau?

In Bradford, the current average value of a property is £146,000, however the average price paid is just £138,000 (Zoopla). This means that house sellers are seeing a considerable loss of £8,000 on average in Bradford and the surrounding areas. House Buyer Bureau worked out the figures and when selling a property valued at £120,000 to us, you achieve an average difference of £4,320. So, by using our cash-buying service, you could potentially get more than you would have expected from us. We’re always transparent about paying slightly less for a home than it’s worth, however we do like to make it clear that we don’t give an unfair price.

This isn’t the only factor that should encourage you to sell your home with House Buyer Bureau however. We also aim to ensure that the whole process of the sale goes as smoothly as it possibly can, by providing services that you just don’t get through the traditional route of selling with an estate agent. We take away the stress of selling your home by taking care of everything for you, there is no need for repairs or renovations, spending time making the place aesthetically pleasing for viewings and we help you to avoid long periods on the property market by buying your home at a timescale to suit you.

The majority of sales made in Bradford last year were terraced properties, selling at an average price of £96,674 (RightMove). So even if you are looking to sell the most in-demand type of property, it is still likely that you may not achieve your asking price because of the sheer amount of local competition. Other property types see even bigger losses compared to their worth; a detached house in Bradford is currently valued at £246,155 but achieve an average price of £241,28 and a flat fares even worse across the board with an average value of £107,327 and achieving an average price of £80,241 (Zoopla).

In the last year, house prices in Bradford saw an increase of 3%, making homes in this area less affordable for potential buyers. This increase along with the uncertainty of Brexit is causing homeowners to stay put and first-time buyers to put their plans on hold until they can understand the future state of the market. With this in mind, homes in Bradford can easily become even more stagnant on the market. Longer periods on the market inevitably leads to a further decrease in the price a property is bought for compared to its value. With a current average time of 195 days on the market in Bradford already, you really can’t afford to allow any further delays.

At House Buyer Bureau, we can carry out a quick and smooth sale with a fair price, regardless of how long your home has been on the market, its condition or your personal circumstances.

House Buyer Bureau

“Dorothy was reassuring, supportive, fair and honest in her dealings with me. She always met my expectations as a customer. She was calm and led me through the process with empathy and understanding. I cannot speak highly enough of her.



You Can Sell Your House Faster with House Buyer Bureau

Selling your home in Bradford with House Buyer Bureau can make the process a lot easier and a lot quicker. In Bradford, the average time to sell your house is 195 days which is significantly higher than the UK-wide average of 96 days. In certain Bradford postcodes, the time to sell can be even longer.

Postcode Average Time on Market Time to sell with
House Buyer Bureau
BD1 315 days 7 days
BD2 191 days 7 days
BD3 259 days 7 days
BD4 175 days 7 days
BD5 227 days 7 days
BD6 139 days 7 days
BD7 218 days 7 days
BD8 328 days 7 days
BD9 284 days 7 days
BD10 182 days 7 days

Source: Home.co.uk (August 2018)


Area Average Time on Market Time to sell with
House Buyer Bureau
Bradford 195 days 7 days
Addingham 184 days 7 days
Baildon 153 days 7 days
Bingley 150 days 7 days
Cullingworth 215 days 7 days
Harden 196 days 7 days
Haworth 157 days 7 days
Ilkley 179 days 7 days
Oxenhope 144 days 7 days
Steeton-with-Eastburn 202 days 7 days
Wilsden 154 days 7 days

Source: Home.co.uk (August 2018)

What We Pay

Sadly, some unscrupulous house buying firms will reduce the price offered for a property at the last moment, hoping that the customer will be emotionally and financially committed to the sale and agree to the new price.

We’re completely transparent with our customers throughout the whole process. Our ‘Formal Offer’ will never be reduced unless there is adverse information that comes to light from the RICS survey or Report on Title (legal report).


Sell Your House Fast in Bradford

Selling to us means the price achieved isn’t as low as you think!

£120,000 Example Cash Sale Traditional Estate Agency
Asking price example £120,000 £120,000
Average agreed purchase price £95,000 £110,000
Final agreed price after survey £95,000 £108,000
Estate Agent fees £0.00 £1,980
Estimated cosmetic repairs to prepare your house for sale £0.00 £1,500
Solicitor fees £0.00 £1,000
Estimated bills (During the sale process) £0.00 £1,200
Estimated mortgage payments (During the sale process) £0.00 £2,700*
Time taken off to see Estate Agents and Lawyers £0.00 £300**
Net price achieved £95,000 £99,320

*£450 per month based on 6 months to sell.

** Based on £75 a day and 4 days off work.

Places we Buy Homes in Bradford

Why House Buyer Bureau?

The process of selling your home can be a very daunting and stressful one, particularly if you have other stresses and worries going on in your personal life. At House Buyer Bureau, we provide a safe pair of hands that can take the stress of the house selling process away from you. We can buy your home at a timescale to suit you, taking care of all the paperwork and legalities involved. As a genuine cash buyer, we can purchase your home in as little as seven days. You won’t have to cover any further legal costs, any valuation costs or estate agent fees, you won’t be held up by delays caused by the chain, you won’t have to arrange viewings of your property and you will have the certainty of the most competitive and fair price.

Regardless of the reason you want to sell your home or your current personal circumstances, we will buy your home in any condition or location and help to guide you seamlessly through the process. We handle each personal matter with the upmost professionalism, making the case as straightforward as possible for you, while supporting you through the process and making it as quick and simple as we possibly can. We are genuine cash buyers, approved by several property associations, that can purchase your home quickly and free of hassle. An added benefit of selling to House Buyer Bureau is that unlike many other house buying companies, we will NEVER lower the sale price once a formal offer has been agreed.

Try our 60 second online cash offer form at the top of this page to see what we could pay you.

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