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Sell Your House Fast in London

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Free instant online cash offer for your property

If you want to sell your house quickly for cash for the best possible cash price with the minimum amount of stress then you have come to the right place.

House Buyer Bureau buys all type of property in any condition or location in England and Wales. We can buy your house in as little as 7 days or around your timescale.

Sell Your House Fast in London

Try our 60 second online cash offer form at the top of this page to see what we could pay you.

We buy any home for cash. No viewings, no fees, no hassle. Selling your home in London is quick and easy with us.

Sell within 7 days
No fees
5* rating
100% transparent
No costly repairs or renovations
Sell within 7 days

How it Works

When we say we’ll buy your house fast and pay cash for your property - we mean it. We can complete the sale within 7 days or at a timescale to suit you.


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Why Sell your Home in London with House Buyer Bureau?

House prices in London are continuing to decline and with a combination of changes to stamp duty and the uncertainty of Brexit, more and more buyers in the capital are being put off and homeowners are caused to stay put in the hope that post-Brexit, the value of their home will rise once more. However, regardless of the 0.5% fall in prices over the last year, London is still the most expensive place to buy property in the UK, with an average London house price of £486,304, which is more than double the UK-wide average of £232,797 (Land Registry House Price Index).

With house prices way above average, buyers outside of London likely don’t have the budget to move to the region, and those inside London are staying put, so the already lengthy wait on the market demonstrated in the tables below is likely to become even longer in the near future. Longer periods on the market can lead to a further decrease in the price a property is bought for compared to its marketed asking price – as potential buyers see a long time on the market as the perfect reason to make a lower offer. If you don’t have the time to wait for a post-Brexit house price rise that may never come, with a current average time of 189 days on the market in London already, and some of the surrounding areas even longer, you really can’t afford to allow any further delays.

So, by using our cash-buying service, you could potentially receive more than you might have expected before London house prices drop even further in comparison to the price you bought for. At House Buyer Bureau, we’re always completely transparent about paying slightly less for a home than its marketed value, however we do like to make it clear that we don’t provide an unfair price. This isn’t the only reason you should consider selling your home through House Buyer Bureau. We also aim to ensure that the whole process of the sale goes as smoothly as it possibly can, by providing services that you just don’t get through the traditional route of selling with an estate agent, and we do it all in a timescale that suits you.

House Buyer Bureau

“My parents were let down at the very last minute and so I turned to House Buyer Bureau. They were honest in a business which is filled with lies. Sale was finished in just over a week and it meant my parents could buy the place they were after. Dorothy was wonderful, very helpful and always available.


You Can Sell Your House Faster with House Buyer Bureau

Selling your home in London with House Buyer Bureau can make the process a lot easier and a lot quicker. In London, the average time to sell your house is 189 days which is significantly higher than the UK-wide average of 96 days. In certain London postcodes, the time to sell can be even longer.

Postcode Average Time on Market Time to sell with
House Buyer Bureau
E1 236 days 7 days
EC1 268 days 7 days
N1 194 days 7 days
NW1 224 days 7 days
SE1 255 days 7 days
SW1 274 days 7 days
SW11 214 days 7 days
W1 296 days 7 days
W2 259 days 7 days
WC1 235 days 7 days

Source: Home.co.uk (August 2018)


Area Average Time on Market Time to sell with
House Buyer Bureau
London 189 days 7 days
Greenwich 156 days 7 days
Hackney 149 days 7 days
Hammersmith 210 days 7 days
Islington 214 days 7 days
Kensington 256 days 7 days
Lambeth 244 days 7 days
Lewisham 130 days 7 days
Southwark 261 days 7 days
Wandsworth 162 days 7 days
Westminster 271 days 7 days
Barking 161 days 7 days
Bexley 104 days 7 days
Brent 204 days 7 days
Bromley 130 days 7 days
Croydon 147 days 7 days
Ealing 198 days 7 days
Enfield 118 days 7 days
Harrow 144 days 7 days
Hillingdon 118 days 7 days
Hounslow 136 days 7 days
Kingston upon Thames 151 days 7 days
Camden 239 days 7 days
Merton 142 days 7 days

Source: Home.co.uk (August 2018)


What We Pay

Sadly, some unscrupulous house buying firms will reduce the price offered for a property at the last moment, hoping that the customer will be emotionally and financially committed to the sale and agree to the new price.

We’re completely transparent with our customers throughout the whole process. Our ‘Formal Offer’ will never be reduced unless there is adverse information that comes to light from the RICS survey or Report on Title (legal report).

Sell Your House Fast in London

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“url”: “https://www.housebuyerbureau.co.uk/sell-your-house-fast-in-london/”,
“@id”: “https://www.housebuyerbureau.co.uk/sell-your-house-fast-in-london/”

Selling to us means the price achieved isn’t as low as you think!

£120,000 Example Cash Sale Traditional Estate Agency
Asking price example £120,000 £120,000
Average agreed purchase price £95,000 £110,000
Final agreed price after survey £95,000 £108,000
Estate Agent fees £0.00 £1,980
Estimated cosmetic repairs to prepare your house for sale £0.00 £1,500
Solicitor fees £0.00 £1,000
Estimated bills (During the sale process) £0.00 £1,200
Estimated mortgage payments (During the sale process) £0.00 £2,700*
Time taken off to see Estate Agents and Lawyers £0.00 £300**
Net price achieved £95,000 £99,320

*£450 per month based on 6 months to sell.

** Based on £75 a day and 4 days off work.

Places we Buy Homes in London

Why House Buyer Bureau?

Selling with House Buyer Bureau makes the process of selling property much faster and provides benefits that selling traditionally through an estate agent can’t. We take away the stress of selling your home by taking care of everything for you. There is no need for repairs or renovations or spending time making the place aesthetically pleasing for viewings, and we help you to avoid long periods on the property market by buying your home at a timescale to suit you.

We’ll buy any property in any condition, so no matter the reason for selling your home, as a genuine cash buyer, we can buy your house in as little as seven days or at a timescale to suit you. Better still, you won’t have to cover any further legal costs, any valuation costs or estate agent fees, you also won’t be held up by delays caused by the chain, you won’t have to arrange viewings of your property and you will have the certainty of achieving a competitive and fair price.

We will buy your home in any location and have bought hundreds of properties across London and Greater London, so we can help to guide you seamlessly through the process from start to finish. We handle each personal matter with the upmost professionalism, making it as straightforward and stress-free as possible for you, while supporting you through the process and making it as quick as we possibly can. We are genuine cash buyers that can purchase your home quickly and free of hassle and have been approved by several official property associations as well as reviewed 5 stars by hundreds of verified customers. An added benefit of selling to House Buyer Bureau is that unlike many other house buying companies, we will NEVER lower the sale price once a formal offer has been agreed.

Try our 60 second online cash offer form at the top of this page to see what we could pay you.

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