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Looking to Sell Your House Fast for Cash?

Contact us today to sell your house fast.  We can make you an offer within 48 hours and you can sell your home fast in as little as 7 days.

So if you require a quick house sale, we want to help. Our friendly team of expert property buyers will manage the whole sales process for you — which means no estate agent or legal fees, no viewings, no delays and no hassle. 

We can buy your home in as little as 7 days or any time frame that suits you. House Buyer Bureau is a genuine cash buyer with the funds in place to buy your house fast.   We buy any house in any condition, and work with a panel of surveyors and lawyers who know the importance of a quick turnaround and a quality service.  

If you’re not sure which property buying company you can trust, then it might help to know that all our formal cash offers come with the HBB Price Promise

  1. We promise that our formal offer won’t change, and if it does we’ll give you £1,000 to keep – even if you walk away from the sale.
    (The only exception is if something significant comes up in the independent rics survey, or there are legal issues with the sale).
  2. We promise that we will beat any competitor’s genuine purchase price.
  3. We promise if you decide not to sell, there won’t be any costs to you.
    (As long as you’re using our recommended lawyers)

Once you accept our offer, we’ll get the ball rolling and the money could be in your account in as little as a week. Whether you’re going through a divorce , wanting to move near family, or don’t want to lose your dream home to another buyer, we can give you the freedom to move on fast.

Image showing the HBB Price Promise indicated by a handshake

We understand that selling your property can be stressful, especially if you need to sell your house fast. Our house buying experts can manage the sale of your home entirely remotely. You won’t have to worry about endless property viewings and visits from estate agents. There’s also no risk of a failed sale — a common occurrence on the open market due to broken property chains. We offer a guaranteed, hassle-free sale

Our cash offers are competitive and come with the HBB Price Promise. We use up-to-date property and local market data, along with the information you tell us about your property, to make fast, competitive cash offers. And remember, there are no estate agents or legal fees to pay!

If you’re selling your current property to buy another, a quick house sale will make you a chain-free buyer, putting you in an excellent position to negotiate the price of your dream home. You’ll be in a prime position to beat other potential buyers to the punch — a chain-free buyer is an attractive proposition to sellers as there is less risk of problems and delays. 

Get Your Free Cash Offer Today

Getting your no-obligation cash offer is easy. Just find your address and answer a few quick questions about your property. Sell your house in weeks instead of months and with zero hassle — you could even sell in as little as 7 days.

3 Simple Steps to Sell Your House Fast

It’s quick and easy selling your house to us. 

1. Get Your Cash Offer

Contact us via phone, email or fill in the online form to request a quick sale offer.  Our friendly team will be in touch to find out a little more about your property and give you an idea of what we can pay.  If you then ask for a ‘formal offer’ from us then we do some more thorough research and will come back in about 48 hours.
Our formal offers (subject to legals and survey) come with a Price Promise to give you confidence that what we say is what we pay.

2. Agree to Sell

We’ll instruct our lawyers and do a rics survey (at no cost or inconvenience to you) to check the condition of the property.  We can recommend a specialist lawyer to you (and we’ll pay their costs) and then you choose the completion date that works for you. 

3. Complete the Sale

Whether you need to move in 7 days or 70, we will work at your pace, and will keep you up to speed with the progress of the sale.  If you have any concerns of queries at any time you can contact us day or night.  

What We Pay For Your House

When selling your house fast for cash we typically pay around 80% to 85% of a property’s market value.  If you can afford to wait a little longer then we can match you to one of our investor partners and this typically gets you up to +5% more.  We manage the whole process for you, and there are no fees to pay (we take our fee from the buyer).

Once you deduct estate agent fees, legal costs, the potential expense of a failed sale — and the savings you could make by negotiating on your new home as a chain-free buyer — the difference between selling to us and selling on the open market is surprisingly small.

 House Buyer BureauEstate Agent
Typical Timescale<30 days6 months
Asking price£150,000£150,000
Offer accepted £120,000£144,000
Final agreed price after survey£120,000£142,500
Estate agent fees (@1.5%)£0£2,138
Estimated repairs & redecoration£0£1,500
Average solicitor fees£0£1,000
Estimated bills & council tax £0£1,200
Estimated mortgage costs £0£3,000
Net value achieved£120,000£133,462

Many companies will quote a high offer to get you hooked, only to chip away at this price as the sale progresses. We don’t work that way.  

We base our initial “offer in principle” on the information you provide via the online form and your call with one of our advisors. If you like our initial offer, then we’ll do some desktop research to firm it up and arrange an independent survey (at our cost) to check the property condition.  We will only ever change our offer if the survey flags significant issues that we didn’t know about before. 

What Our Customers Say

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National Association of Property Buyers

Why Sell Your Home with House Buyer Bureau?

Keep Complete Control of Your House Sale

You decide when and how to sell your home. We work to your timescales whether you want to sell in 7 days or 70!  With you in the driver’s seat, there’s no need for an estate agent, no uncertainty and no risk of nasty surprises.   We won’t tie you in, and there are no costs if you decide not to sell.

A Fair Price and No Dodgy Sales Tactics

We typically pay 80% to 85% of a property’s value for a quick cash sale, and there is the option to sell to one of our investor partners which might get you up to +5% more.   All our cash offers come with a Price Promise to give you confidence that what we say is what we pay.  We actively work with groups like The Advisory to prove our credibility and we’re fiercely protective of our stellar customer rating on Feefo and Trustpilot.

Avoid Months of Waiting and Unexpected Costs

The average time to sell a house in the UK is more than four months and it can take a lot longer if the market is slow or your property is in an unpopular location or poor condition. Between incurred mortgage costs, repairs, estate agency costs and solicitor fees, selling your home fast to a cash buyer might be the smarter option.

No Being Passed from Pillar to Post

Our friendly team of property buyers and sales progressors have years of experience and know how to get the job done quickly, simply and without fuss.  We’ll keep you up to date, so you’ll always know where you are, and we’ll give you a named contact so you always know who to talk to at any time.

A Guaranteed Sale

One in four house sales on the market fall through, which can cost the seller thousands of pounds, not to mention the stress of changing plans and potentially losing their next home.  We will make an offer on your home no matter its history, location or condition and we won’t change our mind or fall foul of a problem property chain.

A Genuine Cash Buyer

We have been buying property since 2011 and have the funds to buy your home fast. Some quick house sale companies will sell your details to a third party or make you wait while they secure the finances they need to buy your property — both of which means delays. You want to sell your house quickly and we’re ready to go!

Put Yourself in a Strong Buying Position

If you’ve got your eye on a new home, becoming a chain-free buyer will put you in a strong position to see off the competition and negotiate the price. No estate agents fees, no legal costs AND a better deal on your new house — sounds good, right?



We want to make your house sale and move as smooth and stress-free as possible. There are several ways we add value for our customers. If you need to get your hands on some of the sale money early, then we can agree to release a percentage when we exchange contracts.  And if your circumstances change and you’re not ready to move out, then you can change the completion date to one that suits you.

Get Your Free Cash Offer Today

Getting your no-obligation cash offer is easy. Just find your address and answer a few quick questions about your property. Sell your house in weeks instead of months and with zero hassle — you could even sell in as little as 7 days.

Benefits of Selling Your House Fast

A genuine quick house sale company can provide the perfect solution for homeowners who need to sell their property fast and here’s why:


There is no quicker way to sell your house. Our customers have many reasons why they need to sell their homes fast — from divorce or separation to inheriting a property and avoiding repossession. We have over 10 years of experience and have bought thousands of properties throughout the UK. We know how to manage the sale of all types of property and will work within your timeframe.

Cost Savings

Estate agents fees vary significantly and can be as high as 3% of the sale pricethat’s more than £7,500 on a house that sells for the UK average of £250,341. Conveyancing fees typically fall between £850 and £1,500. You may also need to make home improvements and repairs to sell a house on the open market. By selling to us, you can avoid these costs — that’s some saving!

Avoid Property Chains and Failed Sales

Selling to a property house buying company is the only way to 100% guarantee a sale. We buy your home directly from you — there’s no mortgage lender involved and no property chain. If you choose to go ahead with our offer, the sale WILL happen and we will make it happen on a date that suits you.

No Viewings and No Hassle

Many homeowners opt for a quick sale because they experience difficulties, such as the breakdown of a relationship, a change in employment status or ill-health. Having strangers enter your home — potential buyers and estate agents — can be emotionally draining, not to mention inconvenient. Save yourself the hassle by selling your house fast.

Why Use a Quick House Sale Company Instead of an Estate Agent or Auction

There are several ways you can sell your house. 

Selling via an estate agent gives you a chance to get more money for your property. However, you don’t control the timescales (which can be many, many months) and there are various selling fees (estate agent, solicitors, surveyor). If you can afford to wait, then this option remains the one likely to get you the most for your property.

Selling via auction can be appealing for certain property types and locations — and if you set the right guide price, it can attract lots of bidders.  But there is no certainty of a sale nor the amount you’ll get, and there are fees involved that you should investigate before considering this route.

Selling to a professional property buying company (like us!) has the advantages of speed, ease, the certainty of a guaranteed cash sale, and the flexibility to choose your moving date. You’ll also avoid the fees involved in selling a property on the open market. Get in touch with our friendly team to find out more and request your free cash offer. 

Get Your Free Cash Offer Today

Getting your no-obligation cash offer is easy. Just find your address and answer a few quick questions about your property. Sell your house in weeks instead of months and with zero hassle — you could even sell in as little as 7 days.

FAQ about Selling your house with House Buyer Bureau

Over the past 10 years, we have learned a lot about our customers. We have developed an excellent understanding of the common concerns and queries that arise.

These are some of the questions we get asked most often by homeowners looking to sell their house fast.

If you can’t find an answer to your question here, check out our FAQ page and please don’t hesitate to get in touch. One of our friendly team of house buyers will be happy to discuss your options.

For a hassle-free sale without listing, showings and months of stress and uncertainty, choose House Buyer Bureau.

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Get Your Free Cash Offer Today

Getting your no-obligation cash offer is easy. Just find your address and answer a few quick questions about your property. Sell your house in weeks instead of months and with zero hassle — you could even sell in as little as 7 days.
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