How Much is Being a Chain-Free Buyer Worth?

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Many of our customers come to us to buy their homes fast so that they can negotiate for their dream property as a chain-free buyer. So, just how much is being a chain-free buyer actually worth?

How Much do Chain-Free Buyers Save on Their Next Property?

According to a poll by Clearscore, 74% of all sellers would definitely accept or consider accepting an offer 5% below the asking price if the buyer was in a strong, chain-free position to proceed. This proportion increases to 88% amongst sellers of properties worth over £500,000.

What does this mean in monetary terms? Well, this, of course, depends on where you live in the country and the value of the property you are offering on. We’ve crunched the numbers to give you an idea of just how much being chain-free could save you on your next property:

Region Average Price Paid (March 2021) Calculated Potential Chain-Free Saving (5%)
East Midlands £226,687 £11,334
East of England £356,364 £17,818
London £699,812 £34,990
North East £195,746 £9,787
North West £205,959 £10,297
South East £409,183 £29,459
South West £313,792 £15,689
West Midlands £237,605 £11,880
Yorkshire and the Humber £187,845 £9,392
UK-WIDE £305,397 £15,269

Data from Zoopla

Additional Benefits of Buying Without a Property Chain

In addition to the considerable saving you could make on your new home, chain-free buyers enjoy a host of benefits:

  • Lower risk — if you are not relying on selling your current property to purchase a new home, there is a lower risk of delays or a failed sale.
  • Speed — property transactions that involve no chain, at least on your side, will progress more quickly than one in which both parties are part of a house chain.
  • Less stress — coordinating the sale and purchase of property simultaneously can be extremely stressful. Selling without a chain is much more straightforward.
  • A stronger negotiating position — sellers love a chain-free buyer, which puts you in a stronger position to negotiate on price and terms, such as the date of completion.

Recent research revealed that more than 300,000 property purchases fell through in 2020, an increase of more than 12% on 2019 figures. If the unemployment rate continues to rise in 2021 as forecast by many economists, the number of house buyers withdrawing from the market and the percentage of failed sales in the UK could dramatically increase. Buyers in a chain-free position will have more negotiating power than ever.

How Can I Become a Chain-Free Buyer in 2021?

The quickest and easiest way to become a chain-free buyer is to sell your current property to a reputable quick house sale company.

House Buyer Bureau has spent over £421m buying more than 2,500 properties over the past 10 years. We are a genuine cash house buyer with the funds to buy your home in as little as 7-days, or on a time scale that suits you.

This is the only way you can be 100% sure that your property will sell for cash, putting you in a chain-free position to buy your dream home (often at a fantastic price thanks to your excellent negotiating position!).

Furthermore, there’s no need to endure the inconvenience of viewings and there will be no estate agents or legal fees to pay.

Contact our friendly team today to find out more about how we work and get a free cash offer.

Updated March 2021

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