Terms of Business

House Buyer Bureau will initially make you an offer in principle. This is an indication of how much we may pay for your property based on the estimated market value which you provide.

If this initial offer is of interest to you then we will do more research into your property and local market (which may include asking you for photos of your property and/or a video tour). From this we will firm up our offer.

Our formal offer will be subject only to contract and survey. Should you decide to proceed with our formal offer we will then instruct a RICS Chartered Surveyor to inspect your property. This will be paid for by House Buyer Bureau.

Should the survey reveal the property is not of standard construction or not be “marketable” and/or “mortgageable” then our formal offer may be amended.

To sell your property you will need to use a property lawyer. You may instruct your own Lawyer or alternatively use one we recommend.

If you use a Lawyer recommended by us House Buyer Bureau will pay all your legal fees. If you choose to use your own Lawyer we will make a contribution of £600 towards the legal fee. This is only payable on completion of the sale and will not be payable if the sale does not proceed to completion.

Your Lawyer will be required to have Professional Indemnity Insurance of no less than two million pounds, a minimum of two partners, be a Solicitor or Licensed Conveyancer based in the UK and have no disciplinary proceedings or action registered against them.

As we do not meet clients face to face we will instruct an external agency to verify the ID of all registered sellers of the property.

Once we have received the legal report on title from our Lawyer together with the RICS survey report we will then reconfirm our formal offer. If there is anything adverse raised in either of these reports that could have an impact on the value then we may need to adjust the formal offer. Both of these reports are available for inspection by you or your lawyer.

You are under no obligation to proceed with the sale of the property to House Buyer Bureau until contracts are exchanged. Exchange of Contracts is done by your Lawyer who will do this only with your instruction. At this point you become legally bound to proceed. Prior to exchange of contracts a completion date will be agreed.

Unless agreed otherwise the property will be sold to House Buyer Bureau with vacant possession on completion.

We are members of The Property Ombudsman and have a formal complaints procedure. Details of this can be found under ‘Complaints’ on the bottom navigation bar on our website.

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