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House Buyer Bureau

Why Use Us?

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Free instant online cash offer for your property

House Buyer Bureau is the UK’s favourite house buying service. We buy properties in any condition and location in England and Wales and we can complete in as little as 7 days.

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Why Use Us?

I don’t want a ‘For Sale’ board

We understand, you may not want your neighbours to know you are moving.  We are the buyers and we can purchase your property quickly, discretely and hassle free.

I don’t want viewers round my house

We are the buyer so no potential buyers will be traipsing around your home.

I need to go into sheltered housing

This is a common scenario for House Buyer Bureau, we can guide you step by step along the process to sell your house to get you settled in your new sheltered housing development as soon as possible.

I need to move abroad

No problem, we can purchase any property in England, Wales and some areas of Scotland and all paperwork can be processed quickly so as not to hold you up.

I need to relocate

We understand that relocating and having an empty property can be a worry.  We are a guaranteed way of selling a property to suit your timescales.

My property is a mess and needs work

We buy property up and down the country in all conditions.  Do not be put off ringing for a chat.…

My chain has collapsed

We can get you back on track, so you don’t lose your dream home.  We can pick up where your last buyer left off and concentrate on buying your property so you can continue your journey to your new home.

Online property valuation

If your property has previously been on the market, we may be able to give you an online property valuation to speed up the buying process.

I’ve had a bad survey or home buyers report

Don’t worry, we are experienced in dealing with problem properties.  Don’t let this jeopardise your next move.

I need to sell an empty property

Guarantee the sale of an empty property swiftly without the burden of bills, up-keep and time visiting or worrying about a property you are miles away from.

I’m selling a house I’ve inherited

Once you have inherited a property, you also inherit the responsibility of the associated costs with that property (bills, maintenance etc).   The sooner you get that property sold, the sooner you are no longer responsible and can move on with your inheritance money.  We can purchase a property within as little of 7 days or a timescale to suit.

My property has structural or subsidence problems

If you are selling a house with structural or subsidence problems, you may struggle to sell it on the open market.  We purchase all types of properties to alleviate the worry and stress.

Why won’t my house sell?

There could be various reasons why you have not had an offer on your home.

Regardless of the reasons why your property is not selling, we will make you an offer. We are a guaranteed purchaser of your property to alleviate the months sitting on the market waiting for a buyer.

I want to move into a retirement property

When you’ve found your ideal property within a retirement complex it may not hang around for long.  Your buying position is everything when purchasing a property and if you have a guaranteed sale lined up with us, we can get you moving on to your next step on your property journey.

I can’t afford to refurbish my property

Run out of money? Refurbishing a property can be expensive, we don’t worry about the condition it is in and will make an offer on its current state.

We’ll buy it in any condition, so it’s good to weigh up the costs of selling to a cash buyer rather than spending unnecessary money to sell on the open market with the added cost of estate agents fees, solicitors fees, mortgage payments, utility bills and refurbishment!

I can’t pay my mortgage

If you can’t afford to pay your mortgage, your home is at risk of being repossessed.  We can purchase your property in as little as 7 days where you can benefit from any equity within your home to be able to move on.

My tenants have unexpectedly moved out

Don’t worry, we are experienced in dealing with landlords in this situation.  We can buy quickly and in any condition.

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