Why Sell Your House Online with House Buyer Bureau?

Regardless of location and condition, you can sell your house fast with House Buyer Bureau.

We’ve even bought a house on a cliffside — the neighbouring property had fallen into the sea! Whatever its history and whether it’s new, in a total state of disrepair or somewhere in between, we’ll make a fair offer on your property.

The main benefits of using a house buying service are speed and certainty, plus it means you can sell your house without an estate agent. You are in control of the process and know exactly what you’re going to get — all without the hassle and cost of dealing with third parties.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and government advice about safe house selling, we have adapted our processes so that we can work remotely. Generally, we don’t need to visit your property to buy it — you can sell your house online. We can work with photos and videos of your home to complete an online valuation. Our team of experts will use the information you provide, along with desk research, to give you a fair cash offer. If we do need to arrange for someone to visit your home — a surveyor, for example — we ensure that the people we work with follow government guidance on COVID-safe procedures.

A lot of house buying services will intentionally reel you in with a high offer, only to drag out the sale and gradually drop the price to the amount they wanted to pay in the first place. All this does is leave you fed up, misled and with less money than you’d hoped for.

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When you sell your house to House Buyer Bureau, you’ll get a fair price from the start. We’re completely transparent and will explain how we reached the amount we offer you. We’re against dodgy practices and actively work with groups like The Advisory to prove our credibility. We fiercely protect our reputation and five-star Feefo rating so that you know you can sell your house with total peace of mind. 

House Buyer Bureau is part of HBB Relocation Services Ltd (company registration no. 7857990), and you can find out more about us and our financial accounts at Companies House or Endole.

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Will You Buy My House If…?”

You might be wondering if your situation means you won’t be able to sell your house with us. Maybe you’ve tried selling your home the traditional way and struggled to get any interest, or maybe you want to sell a property but can’t (or simply don’t want to) travel? Whatever the case, we can make a fair, no-obligation cash offer. What’s more, by choosing to sell your house without an estate agent, you could save thousands of pounds in fees.

Here are some of the most common situations we encounter every day:

“I Don’t Want a for-Sale Board or to Do Viewings”

We understand. We can purchase your property quickly with complete discretion and no hassle for you. We are the buyer, so you won’t even have to worry about strangers traipsing through your house.

“I Need to Move”

Whether you need to relocate and don’t want to have an empty property holding you back or you’re going into sheltered housing or a retirement village, you can sell your property — quickly and guaranteed — so that you can move on to your next adventure without the burden of bills and the upkeep of an empty house.

“My Property Is a Mess” or “I’ve Had a Bad Survey”

We’ll still buy your property even if it has structural issues or is in poor condition. We have experience dealing with problem properties and don’t believe that being unable to sell on the open market or not having the cash to refurbish should jeopardise your move.

We can also buy your home if you can’t afford your mortgage and are at risk of being repossessed or if your chain has collapsed.

If you would like a cash offer or have questions about our services, contact our friendly team of experts today. You can find further information on our help and advice pages or read recent customer testimonials below.

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Get a cash offer for your home
Get a cash offer for your home