Selling a House After Divorce: Making the Process Quick and Simple

Selling house quickly after divorce

When people get divorced, there are several steps to take before you go your separate ways — one of which is the division of marital assets. In this post, we’ll provide some advice for selling a house after a divorce.

Deciding who gets the family home is often the aspect of a divorce that causes the most stress and hostility during the legal proceedings. If you are in the midst of a divorce or are divorced and need a quick and efficient way to sell your home, our experts can help. 

What Are the Benefits of Quickly Selling a House after Divorce?

The divorce process can prove to be a very challenging time for everyone involved, so it’s not uncommon for both parties to seek solutions that allow them to part ways as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, selling a house after a divorce is no different to selling a property at any other time, so opting to sell on the housing market tends to be a lengthy affair with the potential for delays and other issues (such as broken property chains).

With that said, if you opt for a quick house sale, you not only guarantee a cash buyer without delay, but you also avoid all of the hassles that come with selling a property. For divorced couples — who have already experienced their fair share of legal hurdles and paperwork — the time and money saved in this regard are most welcome.

So, How Can I Sell My House Quickly?

Although marital assets such as money, belongings and trusts can be divided between two divorcing parties pretty quickly and efficiently once a financial settlement is reached, selling a house after a divorce isn’t as simple. It can prove to be a problem for spouses who need to sell the family home to fund their new living arrangements. Fortunately, we can help you to sell your property with a quick and simple service that not only allows you to move on with your life as swiftly as possible but also relieves you of unnecessary stress during a particularly stressful time. 

Our process begins with a consultation. You provide us with the details of your property and what you’re looking for in regards to price. Then we indicate what we could pay for your home. At this point, we will discuss the various selling options available to find a solution that suits your needs. The next step is to get your property valued — then we will make a formal offer. This offer is subject to contract and a survey. 

From here, the next step is to instruct lawyers and schedule an RICS survey. We work with a panel of expert lawyers who are familiar with the quick sale market and can work as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. By using our recommended lawyers, there is no cost to you, and we also arrange an RICS survey to ensure there are no issues with the property.

Why Should I Choose the House Buyer Bureau?

That’s a good question, and one you should ask of any company when it comes to matters such as selling a house after divorce. Your property is likely the most valuable asset you and your partner share, so its sale must be handled by an experienced and reliable group of professionals. That’s precisely what you get with a quick house sale with the House Buyer Bureau. 

With the help of our experts, you can see your property sold within as little as a week. We achieve this with no legal, estate agent or valuation fees to pay and no viewings, delays or long chains — just the assurance of a sale at the most competitive price.

Are you selling your house after divorce and need to do so as quickly as possible? Get in touch today to schedule a FREE consultation and discuss your options with our team of experts.

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